Choose The Best Solar Installer and System

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Choose The Best Solar Installer and System

solar installerIf you have decided that it is time to make the move into the solar power arena, then you are no doubt wondering about what will be your next steps. How do you choose the right solar power system, and who do you count on to get the right solar energy information and capable of proper installation? Solar installation is not a trifling matter and requires much expertise not only in solar panels but also in electrical wiring, batteries and other solar-related setup. For this reasons, it is important and essential to look for solar installation Perth companies offer which are certified and up to the standards required by law or even just the standards that you should expect for a home energy system. After all, properly-installed solar system should power your home for years to come. So there is no sense in risking a less than perfect job from the solar installer.

Solar Installer and Installation

solar installerIt might seem like choosing a solar power system should be your first order of business. But finding the right installer can make the process of selecting solar panel systems much simpler and less stressful. A good installer can help you choose the best setup for your home and property. And how do you go about finding a solar installer or contractor who is very good in the field of solar energy? The first place to look is reviews of the installation company. The company may have customer reviews on their site. And if possible, you can find other customers who live in your area and ask them about their experience with the company. If you do find a customer who had the company install their system, be sure to ask about the process and whether they are satisfied with the work result of the home solar system. Besides the reviews, make sure the installer has some other essentials such as:

  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Insurance

These credentials will protect you from a botched job and will also let you know if the solar installer has the right knowledge for the job. Also be sure to ask about payment plans, whether the solar installer sub-contracts to other companies, and how long they expect their process to take.

Selecting the Best Solar System

solar installerChoosing a system can be intimidating. The number of residential solar power systems out there is mind-boggling even at a glance. It is tempting to go with low cost options, as solar installation is not cheap to begin with, but you’re making a long term investment and a significant impact to your home so you will want the best quality options. A home solar system has a few basic components:

  • Solar PV panels: These collect the sun rays.
  • Inverter: This takes the energy from the solar PV panels and makes it useful to the rest of the home.
  • Battery: This is to store any excess energy collected, for those days when the sun doesn’t shine.
  • Power meter: This keeps track of the power in the system. This will also gauge whether or not the solar PV panels are working efficiently.

Keep in mind that certain types of panels work better in different situations. Particular panels work phenomenally in direct sunlight but suffer in overcast, while some panels may be less efficient over-all but are better suited to overcast environments. This kind of difference is where a solar installer can be extremely helpful for the selection process. Make sure to find a solar installer who is reliable and knowledgeable about solar energy systems. Main things to consider when selecting a system:

  • Typical weather behavior
  • Available space
  • Amount of energy needed

You may decide to not go fully independent from the grid, and this will affect what you want in a system. Be sure to ask the solar panel installers about the various options.

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