Find Residential Solar Power Systems


Find Residential Solar Power Systems

residential solar powerFor many homeowners who are considering installing solar products, trying to find the best residential solar power system can seem like a daunting task. While there are many things to consider when you begin your journey to alternative energy, to make things easier for you, read below for a list of things to check while you choose residential solar power options that are right for you.


This is represented by a percentage and it indicates how much electricity a single panel will produce per surface area. The higher the number, the better. Since residential solar power is limited by the surface area of the roof, this can help narrow your choices. The higher efficiency panels will require a smaller surface.


Your home can be your biggest investment. Solar home systems can alter that investment. So it is important to find a brand that is backed by a solid warranty. Should any of the panels be defective or end up malfunctioning when it is not your fault, it can be nice to know that the manufacturer will repair or replace the panels. If you live in an area where it hails, the physical durability is very much important.


residential solar powerAnother location-based consideration is the range of temperatures a solar panel can handle. Knowing what materials the panels are made of will give you a good idea. When solar panels cost cheap, it is often made of out of less durable plate glass. Higher quality panels are usually made of tempered glass that has been chemically treated to increase the durability. There is also the important factor of aesthetics in choosing electric solar panels for residential use. While a DIY-savvy homeowner may create a wooden framed solar panel, others prefer the lightweight aluminum frames. There are even solar panels that are made without frames that are mounted on special rails providing the roof a sleek, one of a kind appearance.When considering aesthetics, you might end up raising or lowering the cost of home solar power system.


Knowing the measurements of a particular panel for you residential solar power will help you to determine how many you can install on your roof.  You will most likely want to consult with a solar installer to ensure your roof can handle the weight of the solar panel system you have in mind and if it meets all of the local building and fire codes in your area. Most importantly, if it will work effectively for your home.

Help or support.

It is no doubt that residential solar power can be a big investment. But it is also a relatively new technology. You will likely have a lot of questions throughout purchasing and installing your new residential solar power panels. Look for a company that has a reliable customer support when it comes to solar knowledge, as well as troubleshooting or after sales services and assistance before you purchase the panels.

Take your time when it comes to choosing residential solar power systems. Do your research and read solar panel reviews before making your decision and you will be pleased with your investment for many years to come.

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