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Making the switch to solar is easy with Best Solar Panels Perth

Best Solar Panels Perth makes it easy for you to switch to service and start saving 80% on your energy costs. We are committed to quality in both our products and our services. That means we will make sure you not only get the best solar panels and solar energy systems, but you get the best advice from our knowledgeable experts to get your switch started right.

We live this commitment everyday, and we want to help you experience the freedom and savings of solar energy. Call us today and get started with four simple steps:

  1. Consultation
  2. Design
  3. Installation
  4. Worry Free Enjoyment for years to come

1. Consultation

At Best Solar Panels Perth your peace of mind is a major commitment. In order to make sure you have that peace of mind, all of our professionals must maintain the highest standards of both knowledge and ethical behavior. That means that the advice you receive during one of our consultations comes only from one of the most reliable and trusted sources in solar panels and systems. To back up these claims we maintain both our Solar Gold Certification and our Clean Energy Council approved retailer status. You know you are only getting the best advice fro the best team.

During our free consultations, we will look at a number of factors, including your bills, options and space requirements to determine if going solar is right for you.

2. Design

Once you and your Best Solar Panels Perth consultant have decided solar is the right way to go, a design specialist will make an onsite visit. This specialist will draw up three alternate designs to give you your best set of options, provide you with quotes for each.

Each custom quote will include:

  • The design specs- which panels and components will be right for you, based on your budget. This will also include projections about how much sun this set up is expected to receive and what that translates to in energy savings
  • The cost- we will give you an easy to understand total cost so you can compare your three options with all the information
  • Any discounts and programs available: Some designs may qualify for additional discounts, grants or be able to take advantage of government sola rebates. We will identify which ones are available with each design for you, and how much you will save.

Once you have made your selection, we can get a final agreement- called a booking agreement drawn up. Our design team will go over your selection one last time, making any final adjustments and presenting you with upfront costs and final savings numbers. Sign off on the booking agreement and a Best Solar Panels Perth installation will be in your future.

3. Installation

Installation is easy with Best Solar Panels Perth. Once you sign the booking agreement, we will get your panels delivered and take care of the installation. We also handle all the paperwork, from setting you up to provide energy to the grid, to filling for any grants or rebates for which you qualify.

Sit back and relax, because in just three weeks we will have your system delivered and installed. Before we call any job done, one of our inspectors will do a final service walk to make sure that everything lives up to our worry-free 12 year warrantee on panel installation.
We have a reputation for quality, and a commitment to service. Our work isn’t done until you are completely satisfied, so you can live worry free about the installation and workmanship on your new system. Backed by some of the best service warrantees in Australia, you will have as much as 12 years with our guaranteed replacement program, and the comfort of knowing that our service will be there fast if something happens.

Guaranteed Warranty

By making sure we only offer the highest quality, we know that you will be satisfied with your panels for years to come. We are so confident in fact, that we offer 12 months on installation, a 5 year warranty on the inverter, a 10 year warranty on panel manufacture and a 25 year performance guarantee on each of the panels.

Enjoy your New Solar System

  • Save up to 80% on every electric bill, keeping your prices low
  • Make a little back- feed the grid (instead of the grid feeding you) and get incentives from the government
  • Enjoy clean, safe, reliable and 100% renewable energy
  • Keep enjoying that all natural energy and experience saves for 25 years or more
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