Solar Energy Facts

With so many people talking about solar panels, it is important for you to get the solar energy facts so you can make an educated decision when it comes to getting your own solar energy system. Here at Best Solar Panels Perth we provide you with accurate solar energy facts and can walk you through the basics of these new innovative systems. There is lots of solar information available and  our solar facts are bite size pieces of information on solar energy which explain some things you should know about solar energy.

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Solar Energy Facts about Australia

solar-energy-factsAustralia is the most efficient continent in the world in terms of capability for harvesting solar power. This means when you buy solar panels in Australia you are getting a better deal than you would anywhere else in the world.

Australian government is even making a push for people to make the switch to solar power by enacting programs to incentivize their use. Another one of the solar energy facts in Australia that should motivate you to switch is that in the last three years prices for standard electricity use have gone up by a third and are expected to continue rising.

This means that while solar energy is at an all-time low for set up costs, other electricity options are seeing a stark increase. By using roof space alone, Australia could even power itself through only the use of solar energy, completely removing our carbon footprint for electricity production. These are only a few reasons that now is the time to take advantage of solar panels as an alternative to other forms of electricity.

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Other Interesting Solar Energy Facts

Solar panels produced today are effective enough to even produce electricity on cloudy days and during other inclement weather conditions. Solar panels do this by collected refracted sun rays that till make their way through cloud cover and other conditions. What this means for you is that you will never be without power when using solar energy.

Another interesting solar energy fact is that through the use of substitutes for silicon crystals and more efficient production lines, solar panels are 500 times cheaper than they were 50 years ago, making now the time for you to buy your own solar panel system.

Solar Energy Facts about the Sun

the-sunWhile it is true that all stars produce the same solar energy qualities that light from our sun does, the sun in our solar system is not only close enough to be effective it also in the top 5% for size in our star system.

This means that we have the proximity we need to make maximum use of one of the best sources for solar energy in our galaxy. This same star already provides most of the energy used on our planet to fuel life by feeding our plants through photosynthesis and by extension all forms of life that draw energy directly or indirectly from those plants.

Now you have the opportunity to also harvest that energy with solar panels to power your appliances at home through a naturally occurring process with no negative environmental impact. Call today and schedule an installation to begin harvesting solar power for your own use.

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Facts about the Cost of Solar Energy

costs-of-solar-energyPurchasing and installing a solar panel system can be a huge investment and there are some solar energy facts to take into consideration when calculating the costs. The cost of the solar panels themselves usually only accounts for a third of the cost of having your solar energy system installed, you will also need to acquire the proper permits and it is also worthwhile to hire a professional to install them to avoid damaging fragile and expensive paneling systems. Call today and we’ll not only help you pick a solar panel system that’s right for you, we’ll also find you rebates and incentives you qualify for to reduce the costs of installing your very own solar panels.

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