Solar Energy FAQ’s

There is a lot to know about cutting edge solar energy technologies, and many people have questions. Here at Best Solar Panels Perth it is one of our goals to make sure that our customers are educated about our products so they know the full value of solar power and what it can do for them.

Look through our solar energy FAQ’s to answer any questions you might have about solar energy, if there is something you still have questions about then give us a call, our representatives are always willing to help you understand how solar energy can be used to work for you in your home.  Why you would go solar has lots of benefits from being greener to cost savings, with so much information on solar energy we have devised a simple set of solar energy facts and questions.

solar-energy-faqSolar Energy FAQ’s:

  • What is Solar Energy?
  • How Do Solar Panels Work?
  • What is a Photovoltaic Array?
  • Why Should I go Solar?
  • How to Convert my House or Business to Solar?
  • What is a Building Integrated Photovoltaic Product?
  • How Long Do Solar Panels Last?
  • Will Solar Power Keep My Lights on During a Blackout?
  • Are My Solar Panels at Risk During High Winds?

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the energy stored in light produced by the sun. The sun functions as a massive reactor that is constantly releasing heat and light, and solar panels can be used to capture this energy and covert the solar power into electricity for everyday use. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of electricity production in use today, leaving no carbon foot print and relying solely on naturally occurring and renewable sources of power in order to operate.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

how-solar-panels-workSolar panels operate by converting solar power from DC, or direct current power into AC, or alternating current power, which is usable for our day to day needs. This process starts when light and heat is released from the sun; that light is then captured the solar panels which use silicon crystals, or more recently cheaper and more efficient substitutes, to convert the light into DC power. The DC power is then channeled through the inverter and becomes AC power which you can then use. A portion of this energy that exceeds the amount you are currently using is stored in the battery for later use during the night so you are never without electricity. At Best Solar Panels Perth we make sure to only use the best in quality components so your solar panels last longer and work more efficiently.

What is a Photovoltaic Array?

A photovoltaic array is a series of connected photovoltaic cells that are laid out flat and are used to make larger more effective solar panels. Photovoltaic is a word used to describe a substance that is able to convert light into DC current and these substances are what are used to make the light capturing surfaces on solar panels. The greater the area cover by a photovoltaic array the more sunlight it is able to convert into electricity during the day.

Why Should I Go Solar?

going-solarThere are many reasons to go solar but the two main reasons are money and the environment. Not only will you save money by switching to solar power, you will also be able to collect feed-in tariffs for excess electricity your panels produce which can be sold to the local grid. If that weren’t enough reason to go solar there is also the fact that you will be removing your carbon footprint by switching to a cleaner source of energy and becoming self-sufficient. More over with a rise in rebate offers and incentives from Australian government and other sources it has never been cheaper to get started using solar power systems.

How to Convert My House or Business to Solar?

solar-your-homeConverting over to using solar power is a rather simple process with the help of our trained technicians. They will access your property for the most effective placement of solar panels so you get the most out of them. Our technicians can then install anywhere from a single panel to a whole array depending on what fits your needs. Sign up is easy so call and schedule an installation today.

What is a Building Integrated Photovoltaic Product?

A Building Integrated Photovoltaic Product is a term used to reference solar panels that are built into the structure of new construction instead of being attached to the outside. This makes for even more secure installations so you can better protect your product and allows you to start using a building with solar power already in use so you can begin saving right away. By using these products you can even qualify for rebates and incentives during the construction. Talk to a representative now to see what offers are available currently.

How long do Solar Panels Last?

One of the main benefits of solar power is that it is a continual source of electricity, with only minimal upkeep and care your solar panel investment can last a life time. The lifespan of our solar panels come with a guarantee on it’s performance from the manufacturer for 25 years.

Will Solar Power Keep My Lights on During a Blackout?


Solar panel systems make your house self-sufficient for energy consumption, so while everyone on the local grid may be out of power you can continue to receive solar power from the sun through your on-site solar panels. However when the sun is gone for the day, solar panels can no longer generates power, so if you want to be truly free from the grid you would need to also have a battery backup so you can draw power from the battery during the night.

Are My Solar Panels At Risk During High Winds?

Not at all, by hiring our trusted technicians you solar panels will be strategically secured to both effectively capture sunlight and to protect them from harm. The most common placements are on roof tops where they are placed flat along the surface and secured tightly to prevent them from being at risk during high winds.

Are You Ready For Solar Panels Now?

call-solar-panels-perthOur representatives at Best Solar Panels Perth are ready to answer any other questions or concerns you may have about solar energy so contact us today for a free consultation. Call now and we’ll be able to get you a quote in minutes so you can get started saving money with solar panels.

Contact a representative today and we’ll walk you through how to take advantage of rebate programs and other money saving deals, but hurry before these offers expire.

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