Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

solar energyBest Solar Panels Perth wants you to understand what your options are with solar energy. Solar energy is of course when the power of the sun’s rays are converted from natural light into usable electricity. This 100% renewable, safe and natural option for powering your home, business or community is an ideal option especially in Australia. Best Solar Panels Perth makes it easy to take advantage of this unlimited natural resource with our full service design and installation. We will take you through your options, design the solar energy systems that is right for you, teach you the proper installation and even help you file all the paperwork to start feeding the energy you harvested from the sun back into the grid which can save you time, energy, and best of all up to 80% on your electricity bills.

How Solar Energy Works?

Solar energy, a type of alternative energy source, comes from sunlight. Solar energy offers a completely safe, natural, abundant and renewable source of electricity. Knowing how solar power works can help you make the best decisions about whether or not home solar power systems are appropriate in your community. The guide on facts solar energy can help you understand the specifics. Here is a brief overview:

  • solar energySolar energy is converted to electricity when sunlight directly strikes the photovoltaic (PV) cells in solar panels.
  • Solar panels are placed on roofs and other open areas in order to get as much sunlight as possible.
  • For optimum efficiency, sunlight needs to strike the solar panels as close to a 90 degree angle (directly perpendicular) as possible, which means that panels need to be placed at the right angle and facing the right direction.
  • For most of Australia, the most appropriate installation is facing due north as much as possible. Our designers can help you identify north direction and find the ideal location and position to generate the most solar power.
  • Once sunlight hits the PV cells in your solar panels, it is converted to direct current (DC) electricity.
  • Solar panels are connected to a solar charge inverter in your home or business to make a complete solar power system. The charge inverter converts the direct current into alternating current (AC), the type of electricity that runs through Australia’s electrical grid.
  • Any energy you don’t use or excess power is delivered into the grid, where it helps to power the community and the grid will pray you back in the process.
  • Maximizing your energy efficiency can reduce your bill by up to 80% or even eliminate it entirely.
  • Right now, there are still federal rebates available to help you install your solar power system, but they won’t be around much longer.
  • Check out our solar facts for more information.

Why is Solar Energy So Popular?

Solar Hot Water CostIf you could save money while helping save the planet, why wouldn’t you? Solar energy does just that. In a time when Australia is seen as the country that has the highest electrical bills in the world, solar energy will definitely lower consumer’s monthly electricity consumption by 80% or more. This is the intention of Best Solar Panels Perth, that is for you to save money. In this rapidly growing industry, more and more options of how to harvest solar energy are coming out. Australians can take advantage of this limitless natural resource and ditch the high electric bills all at once.

Plus, currently the Federal Government is still offering Federal Solar Rebate, a program where Australians are being paid tariffs for contributing clean, renewable solar-generated electricity into the grid and ending the reliance on coal-based electricity. These rebates are often used upfront to help defray the initial cost of installation based on the projected amount of energy that will flow back into the grid from a solar energy system. These rebates have saved Australian people thousands of dollars, so much that the Government is considering ending the rebate period sooner than planned.

Hurry now and get started on switching to cheap, renewable solar energy and take advantage of the Federal Solar Rebate before it is too late.

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