Solar Inverters

Next to the solar panels, the solar inverter is one of the most important components of the solar
power system, some believe it’s the single most important part.

What Solar Inverters Do

Photovoltaic cells in solar panels generate direct current or DCs. The solar inverter converts these DCs into alternating current or ACs to be turned into electricity on the grid. Without the inverter you can’t convert the sun’s energy into usable energy.

However, this doesn’t mean you want to invest in just any inverter. Similar to the solar panels themselves, there are key factors when choosing the right solar inverter for your system.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Solar Inverter

1. Efficiency

When DC power is converted into AC power there is always some electricity lost. High quality inverters have an efficiency rate of at least 95%, which means that only 5% of power is lost in the conversion. Many top brands today are up to 98%.

2. IP Rating

The IP rating literally means Ingress Protection Rating which shows how well the inverter prevents things like water and dust from getting into the inverter. The better the seal on the inverter the less likely dust and water ingress is from happening. If an inverter has a high IP rating it will perform more efficiently, be more stable and reliable over a long period of time.

3. Startup Voltage

How quickly does the inverter start up in the morning. Some power can be lost with a less efficient startup voltage.

The efficiency and IP rating are the two most important factors and will effect the longevity and performance of your inverter for years to come. Ultimately you want your inverter to last as long as your solar panels which in most cases is 25 years.

Solar Inverters We Offer


sma sma

SMA is one of the industry leaders in solar inverters, from small scale residential to large scale commercial or industrial clients, on or off the grid. SMA is continuously looking towards the future and developing new, more efficient ways of energy management. Additionally they offer training and resources for individuals and companies interested in learning more about solar power.

Schneider Electric

schneider electric schneider electric

Schneider history stretches back more than 170 years with almost 130 years under their belts as pioneers in the electricity industry and over 60 in Australia. Schneider inverters are some of the best in the industry with superb design and quality control at every level.


growatt growatt

A global company, Growatt has grown to become Australia’s leading supplier of world class solar inverters for small scale power systems as well as large scale projects for both residential and commercial systems. Growatt has a history of providing excellent quality inverters at an affordable price.


solax solax

With its team of highly trained engineers, designers and researchers, SolaX proudly develops high performing, safe, extremely efficient, world class systems. SolaX is committed to innovative technology and a greener planet.

United Solar Energy & Inverters

At United Solar we offer top quality inverters with high efficiency and IP ratings. Our goal is to provide you with the best performing solar power system overall, and we know how important the inverter is to the system. We strive to provide you with inverters that will last as long as your solar panels so that you can invest in your future without worry.

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