Solar Panel Installation Perth

solar-panels-installationAt Best Solar Panels Perth we offer the best technicians for solar panel installation to our valued customers, both for their homes and businesses. When it comes to installation it is important to us that we provide the best work in a timely fashion at an easily affordable price. Call our representatives in Perth for our rates, information on what solar rebates are available to you and to schedule an installation.

What Does Solar Power Installation Require?

Recently more efficient methods for solar panel production have been invented which have reduced the costs of solar panel installation. Here at Best Solar Panels Perth we make it our goal to pass those saving onto our customers, in addition our technicians keep up to date on the latest in solar panel innovations and are able to answer any questions you might have about solar panel installation.

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Before You Install Solar Power

solar-powerBefore you schedule your solar panel installation our technicians will verify that your property has optimal positioning for solar panels so you can get the most out of this energy system. Technicians will look for places not shaded by trees, and most times the ideal place to have your solar energy system placed is on your roof where it will get the most exposure to light. When you call the experts here at Best Solar Panels Perth will guide you on the way to selecting the optimal placement for you.

Do I Need Professional Solar Panel Installers?

When it comes to installing any complex machine or system it is always advisable to turn to an expert on the subject, and solar panels are no exception. Our technicians are trained in the skills and procedures necessary to install your solar panels safely, correctly, and without damaging the more fragile components of the solar energy system. So when it comes to solar panel installation don’t settle for anything less than one of our professional solar panel installers and we’ll quickly get you set up with your solar energy system.

Solar Hotline : (08) 6324 0778

Things You Should Know About Solar Panel Installation

As more people look to find alternatives to paying power companies for electricity an increasing number are turning to solar energy as a solution. But with this increase in interest there are also some concerns being raised about the switch to solar energy:

  • Cost – The price of installation can seem difficult to afford
  • Re-compensation Time- Some people worry it may take too long to make up the cost of solar panels
  • Efficiency – How effectively can solar energy replace standard sources of electricity?

Let’s take a look at some of these concerns and clear up the facts about solar panels so you can be on your way to scheduling an installation.

costs-of-solar-panelsCost – When looking at the price of solar panel installation the numbers can seem daunting and you may be wondering how people afford to have solar panels installed at all. However there are a few things to consider before you turn away from the price of solar panel installation. The first is that there are many rebate programs offered by the Australian government for making the switch to solar power which can remove the majority of costs. Secondly there are many other incentives offered from a variety of sources such as tax incentives which our representatives can help explain how to take advantage of in order to get you the best deal.

solar-panels-recompensationRe-compensation – At first it can seem like it will take a while for your investment in solar panels to pay for itself. However, you won’t just save money from not needing to pay the power company; in addition to those saving you can also have them pay you. Feed-in tariffs allow you to collect money for excess electricity produced by your solar panels by selling it to the local power grid. Together with your energy savings your solar panels can quickly start making you money instead of just paying for themselves.

Efficiency – Technicians will help you to find the best place to position your solar panels so that you can enjoy renewable efficient power from the sun. The most common effective placement is on the roof where they get exposure to sun light and stay out of harm’s way, but our trained experts will evaluate each property on a case by case basis to get you the most efficient placement.

Solar Hotline : (08) 6324 0778

Are You Ready For Solar Panels?

Now that you know about solar panel installation call us to schedule an appointment. Our Technicians will help find the best placement for your home solar panels, and our representatives will help get you the best deals.

Hurry now and don’t delay, have your solar panels set up as soon as possible so they can begin making you money.

Our representatives are eager to get you started with your solar panel installation before rebate and incentive offers expire.

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