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There has never been a better time to get the best deal in Solar Panels Merriwa has to offer. We offer quality and price that cannot be beaten. Remember when solar panels used to be $30,000? Well, technology has moved on and you can now buy better quality solar panels for 80% – 90% less. Save thousands of dollars on a range of quality solar panel system today. There’s no reason to put it off any longer. Call us now for an obligation free inspection and quote. We’re only a phone call away.

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Make the Switch to Solar

save with solar panelsAre you tired of over paying on high energy bills, or  worried about how your energy is produced? Solar energy is one of the cleanest natural energy sources on the planet; and with your own solar energy system, you can save as much as 80% on your electricity bills.

With solar panels, you, not the electric company, are in control of the energy in your home.  Ditch the grid and start enjoying easy, natural, renewable energy.  Government grants and rebates won’t last forever, so call today and get started on the path to a better future.

Why Choose Best Solar Panels Merriwa?

Best Solar Panels Merriwa, a company based in Merriwa has the knowledge and experience you need, and the prices and quality you want.  Our experts will explain all of your options in solar panels and solar energy systems. We can help you make the best choices to get the most benefit from your residential or commercial solar system. And when you choose Best Solar Panels Merriwa you know that you can count on the quality in our work, and savings on your bill.

The Best Quality on the Market

solar panels MerriwaWe know going solar is a big decision, and we want to help. That’s why we make sure that we not only carry the widest variety of solar system options, but the highest quality too.  With a wide selection of panels and inverters customizing the perfect solar solution for your home or office is easy.

By making sure we only offer the highest quality, we know that you will be satisfied with your commercial or residential solar system for years to come. We are so confident in fact, that we offer 12 months on installation, a 5 year warranty on the solar inverters, a 10 year warranty on panel manufacture and a 25 year performance guarantee on each of the panels.

solar panels expertWe take our commitment to quality and the environment seriously. That’s why we insist on Australian designed, tested and distributed solar panels.  Local companies means local service to back all your manufactures warranties. And our exclusive, Australia-only commitment has paid off for you, we have access to local, high quality solar panels at prices no one else can match. Not to mention we have a wide selection of solar solutions and equipment such as solar hot water systems, battery storage, solar battery systems as well as all solar power system sizes.

Peace of Mind

Providing high quality solar panels and systems isn’t enough. That’s why  Best Solar Panels Merriwa goes above and beyond to give you peace of mind about the quality of the work you get.  Our highly trained, experienced Merriwa solar panel service team is going to walk you through every step of the process, from designing your dream solar energy system to filling out the all the paperwork for your rebates, grants and getting your energy connected to the grid.

Deals that Can’t Be Beaten

Solar can save you 80% on your electric bill, and Best Solar Panels Merriwa can help you save even more.

Our commitment to local sources gets us big savings, savings we pass on to you. Check out some of the great Merriwa solar deals we have going on right now, and save off our already low prices on top quality brands.

solar dealsIt’s more than just our low prices though, with us, savings are everywhere.  From our no interest and no deposit financing, to our commitment to make sure you get every rebate and feedin tariff available to you, we make installing your solar power systems easy.

Our financing team can help get you approved, and on your way to controlling your own energy consumption cost, and all without a credit check. We trade on our reputation in the industry to get you the financing you need, not just the financing you deserve.

Solar power isn’t always going to be up- dark nights and stormy days can see you reliant on the grid. Our commitment to the environment, and your wallet, will save you even there.  We make sure all of our customers get the best rates when they do have to buy power, and only from 100% renewable energy.

Top Notch Service

solar panels maintenanceFrom installs to maintenance and repairs, you are always in good hands with Best Solar Panels Merriwa.  Our full line of services includes not only the best advice and help designing your customized solar power system, but also help with all the paperwork that producing your own energy entails.

Time is money, and when that time is spent paying the electric company because your solar energy system isn’t working the way it should- that is money out of your pocket. Whether its periodic maintenance to keep your system at peak efficiency or repairs and service when something goes wrong, we will be there fast.  Our speedy response times mean that if something does happen, you’re never down long.

Guaranteed Replacement

solar panel replacementOne way we insure our service and response times are the best is with our guaranteed replacement program.  When any part covered under our warranty stops working, we replace it- free.  Why? Because we know that you need a system you can count on- if the part doesn’t work the first time, are you going to trust it to keep working? Rather than risk more future downtime, we just get you a new part, one that works and will keep working so that you don’t need to waste another minute.

No Waiting

no waiting solar panels serviceYou shouldn’t have to wait for service, and that even means the first time.  With immediate credit decisions, you don’t have to. In just 2 minutes Best Solar Panels Merriwa’s finance team can get you a financing decision.

Once you are approved, one of our installers will visit your home, go over your options and provide you with a free quote for your customer designed solar energy system. The speedy service doesn’t stop there either, we will have your new system delivered and installed in just 3 weeks.  So, what are you waiting for?  Dial (08) 6311 4094  right now and one of our friendly sales team will get you started.

One simple call is all it takes to reduce your electric cost by 80% and be on your way to saving money. Call Best Solar Panels Merriwa at (08) 6311 4094 today.

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