How Do Solar Panels Work?

how-solar-panels-workHere at Best Solar Panels Perth our technicians and customer service representatives have what it takes to meet your solar panel needs.

Our highly efficient teams have the knowledge and understanding to help explain to our customers just “how do solar panels work?” so that you know exactly what to expect from your very own solar panel system after they are installed by our skilled professionals.

When you go to order your Perth solar panels with us you will be equipped with a basic understanding of this innovative technology.

Learning all about Solar Panels can seem like a pretty intimidating task, but with Best Solar Panels Perth here to show you the basics you will quickly become knowledgeable about this state of the art energy system.

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The Basics of Solar Power

When it comes to understanding how our solar panels work there are 4 main things you need to learn about.

  • The Sun – Which is where solar energy comes from
  • The Solar Panels – The panels are what capture the sun’s energy and make it usable
  • The Inverter – Finishes the conversion of solar energy into usable electricity
  • The Battery – Stores excess power during the day for use later on

The Sun

The sun has been producing solar energy since it first came into being, but only recently have people learned the secret of converting its rays into power. In fact all stars are capable of producing this same solar energy; however the Sun is the only one close enough to the Earth for solar solar-power-sunenergy systems here to conveniently collect a usable amount of light for conventional purposes.

By knowing about this origin of solar energy you are one step closer to understanding the answer to “How do solar panels work”. The sun is basically a nuclear reactor that solar panels are able to slowly capture power from.

The major benefit of having the sun as our power source for solar energy is that is a functionally infinite energy source, which means it is an energy source worth investing in through the use of solar panels.

By installing a solar panel today you can begin tapping into a continuous source of electricity for the foreseeable future, which is more than can be said about most other energy sources.

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Solar Panels

solar-panels-installationThe next part of understanding just how do solar panels work is taking a look at the panels themselves. Originally solar panels were largely made up of silicon crystals that naturally transform solar rays into electricity inside the solar panel.

One factor that contributed to making solar panels expensive during that time was the need for larger crystals to produce more energy. Even when a process was invented for producing larger crystals it was still too costly to be considered practical.

Since then experts have found and produced other materials that have the same quality as silicon, to transmute solar rays into electricity. Better yet these methods have proven to be far more practical in terms of cost efficiency and now the savings are being passed on to our valued customers, like you, making now one of the best times to take advantage of this innovation.

The Inverter

solar-panels-inverterNow that you know how solar panels produce electricity let’s learn about how do solar panels work for household use. The first problem is that electricity in its raw form can vary in power levels which can damage whatever it happens to be powering. For this reason we have an inverter which converts the electricity into an easily usable form for household functions.

The inverter converts the electricity into AC power which is what runs our lights, appliances, and anything else you might plug into the wall of your home. This is the same kind of power that any electric company offers to their customers, but now you will be able to get it from your solar panels that passively convert the sun’s rays into power you can use.

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The Battery

solar-panels-batteriesEveryone is familiar with batteries and what they are used for, and the battery in a solar energy system is no different. You may be asking about how do solar panels work at night, the answer is that they don’t, instead during the day when the sun is out they store all of the excess power not currently being used in their built in battery system.

This means that when the sun goes down the solar panels continue to power your home from the battery reserves they built up during the day, preventing you from ever being without power. The larger the battery in the solar energy system, the more electricity that can be held in reserve for use during the night.

At Best Solar Panels Perth we stay on the cutting edge of solar panel development and always make sure to provide you with the best in solar energy systems, which include having longer lasting battery reserves so you never find yourself in the dark.

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