Solar Power Advantages Crush Competition

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Solar Power Advantages Crush Competition

Solar power advantagesWhen people discuss the topic of alternative energy, it is tempting to only think about solar power, which is very reasonable given the fact that energy from the sun is one of the most commonly implemented and discussed alternative energy resources among lay persons and the public in general. However, as many are also aware, the sun is not the only alternative power source. The alternative energy solutions include wind turbines, hydroelectric power from dams, and geothermal energy, though this is realistically out of reach of home systems or in most systems. But even with all these alternatives, solar power installation really stands out and it is the most accessible out of all. Moreover, solar energy is also a renewable energy making it virtually as an endless source of power.

Off Grid Power

solar power advantagesBeing “off the grid” or at least reducing independence on the grid for power and energy is one of the most compelling reasons for turning to alternative energy and this is an area where advantages of solar panels become very apparent. The grid implies many things, most of which have started to gain negative connotations over the years. The grid is almost certainly linked to fossil fuels such as coal, which produces pollutants when burned, and is hazardous to mine and produce for consumption. The pollutants harm the environment in many ways and the waste has to be dumped somewhere which can result in unusable tracts of land for years. Different types of alternative energy such as wind and hydroelectric will help in not causing harm to the environment. But when it comes to being off grid, wind and hydroelectric quickly become unfeasible. Hydroelectric requires massive dams to collect enough water energy. Some cities are powered from hydroelectric dams, but there are some questions as to whether this is in fact safe for the environment and good for the rivers. And as far as off grid, a hydroelectric dam depends just as much on some type of grid as traditional fossil fuels do. It is highly unlikely that a homeowner will be able to install their own personal dam to collect energy in that way.

Solar Power Advantages over Wind

Wind turbines are slightly better but are still less feasible than the solar power. Some people have successfully built wind turbines with which to power their homestead. But wind turbines come pre-packaged with several disadvantages:

  • solar power advantagesMoving parts: These wear down over time resulting in much higher maintenance costs and also a danger for keeping up the system yourself. Residential solar systems have zero moving parts in contrast. And besides, wind turbines are much more susceptible to lightning damage or from the environment.
  • Wind turbines are more conspicuous: By necessity, wind turbines are tall in order to catch the wind in sufficient amounts to provide energy for anything. This is much less attractive than solar panels, which can be flush with the roof and blend much more sweetly into your current house décor. Wind turbines also require more space than solar panels.

Besides the advantages in the basic setup of solar panels over wind energy, there is another heavily compelling reason to consider home solar systems over other forms of alternative power. The reason is solar panel rebates and other incentives. Solar energy is on the rise and the solar prices continue to drop lower and lower, with prices dropping in an exponential way in the past few years. Your city government will very likely have tax incentives on solar energy that you can take advantage of when buying and installing a new system. The solar power advantages continue to add up over other forms of alternative energy. The time has never been better to invest in this exciting and now maturing technology.

rudySolar Power Advantages Crush Competition