Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

renewable energy

Why is renewable energy important?

renewable energyDepending on who you talk to, renewable energy is either a blessing or a boondoggle. The only way we can survive as a specie or a rallying point for tree huggers is through the use of renewable energy. Renewable energy solutions certainly has its proponents that can be on the really enthusiastic/obnoxious side, however there are advantages to the idea that we can all get behind and see as a goal for bettering ourselves and being efficient in our development.

The other forms of energy sources that are currently used and are labeled ‘conventional’ are coal, gas, and nuclear power. These are all energy sources that have been researched and used widely all over the world in order to provide an affordable and effective forms of energy for our needs. The question though is, can we do better? Also keeping in mind the limitations of these energy sources, if we had something that was better in that regard, should we focus our efforts on improving alternative sources instead of ignoring it for further development of existing fuel options.

renewable energyWe know that currently the most common energy sources are gas, oil, coal and fossil fuels. These are all extracted from the ground and ocean through drilling or digging. The primary argument against these forms of recovery has been the damage it gives to the environment through a normal uneventful process or the widespread effects if a failure should occur in the process leading to spillage and loss of life. Another challenge for fossil fuels is that despite all the places it can be found, we know there is a finite supply that at some point will be exhausted. Then what? All of the fuel derivatives that it is based on are now at risk and will need to be replaced. Obviously it’s something we should be researching now rather than waiting until that finite point is reached in an immediately close time frame.

Hybrid and strictly electric-based vehicles have been becoming more popular as an alternative to a gas-fueled car. But the costs of using them are still being subsidized in many places and there are still concerns about safety as well as driving range it can reach.

renewable energyGovernment subsidies are a major incentive for another form of renewable energy source that should be strongly considered, and that is solar energy. Sunlight is abundant and free. With the use of this one of the many types of renewable energy, solar energy prohibits us from being exposed to potential catastrophic events such as oil spills or explosions that might happen during drilling. Solar energy system does not contribute to pollution. Moreover, it does not produce byproducts. Currently, the technology used to manufacture photovoltaic cells, the material used to absorb solar energy, only generate 10 to 20 percent of solar power because of material limitation and scarcity. But thanks to the development of nanotechnology, though it is still being researched, has the potential of providing over 60% of the power that we use for our homes and devices. This is a game changer in the world of renewable energy.

Having a job with a good income is a strong motivator for people. And when a job does not involve the danger that coal and oil retrieval possess, you have a pretty good argument on why renewable energy source like solar energy is something that we should really consider. This is one of the simple means of preserving a healthy planet for future generations.

rudyWhy Is Renewable Energy Important?