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solar-rebatesThe benefits of using solar energy go beyond the obvious benefits provided by using a renewable resource with no impact on the environment; it also helps your wallet.

Once you have a basic understanding of how solar panels work, the next step is investigating the cost of a solar panel system and what solar rebates and grants might be available to you.

In addition to providing electricity without having to deal with a power bill every month you also become eligible for numerous rebates and other incentives. When purchasing your Perth solar panel system it is important to look at the rebates and incentives that come along with installing one.

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solar-rebates-electricity-billOver the past year studies have shown that over 1 million people have had solar panels installed here in Australia, and this number is expected to increase rapidly over the next year. When you look at the rebates and incentives it isn’t hard to see why so many have made the switch.

Through the use of The Australian Government Solar Panel Rebates people are able to get their solar panels to pay for themselves even faster. People using these rebates not only cut away their electric bill, they are also getting money back just for having solar panel systems installed and you can to.

What Are The Types of Solar Panel Rebates and Incentives?

There are 3 major categories of solar panel rebates and incentives, and they are as follows:

  1. Government Rebates for Solar Power
  2. Feed-In Tariffs
  3. Special Financing and Tax Benefits

Government Rebates for Solar Power

solar-panels-government-rebatesThe first of many incentive and rebate sources is the Australian government, which sponsored the Solar Homes and Communities Plan that was later renamed to become the Solar Credits Program.

This program allows you to collect a rebate on your solar panel system based on how many megawatts it is expected to produce over the next 15 years, meaning a large portion of your solar panel installation cost will be covered right away. The goal of the program is to get more people to make the switch to this renewable energy source by making it incredibly affordable.

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Feed-In Tariffs

benefits-of-solar-panelsFeed-in tariffs may not get you much at first, but they will pay out every month. Feed-in tariffs are benefits you get for selling your excess energy to the local power grid, essentially you are being paid ever month just for having solar panels. This is a continuous benefit and will continue paying out even after you’ve collected all your other solar panel rebates and incentives.

Special Financing and Tax Benefits

solar-panels-tax-benefitLastly, among your other solar panel rebates and incentives you will be entitled to special financing and tax benefits. Many of these benefits can be collected during the planning stages for installing a solar panel system in order to help get you started and make having solar panels installed that much easier.

Additional solar panel rebates are available depending on which solar panel system you are having installed. There are special offers on every kind of solar panel system from solar hot water systems, to your usual photovoltaic panel set-up. These are just a few of the rebates and incentives that are out there currently, but you’ll want to take advantage of these offers quickly before the programs end and they expire.

Are You Ready For Solar Panels Now?

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These programs are making solar panels the cheapest they have ever been but they won’t last forever, as more people make the switch to solar energy make sure that you aren’t left behind.

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